Discount Codes Portugal: How to find Online Shopping Codes in Portugal?

For those that aren’t in the know, or perhaps are new to online shopping. A discount or promotional code is a small password of sorts that you enter into your online shopping basket when you checkout. This code will usually give you a promotion or a discount. Sometimes a 20% or 30% discount or something like free delivery. They’re extremely popular in the UK and in the US where there are entire websites and forums dedicated to gathering the best of these discount codes and sharing them. Some of the most popular in the UK are the likes of Voucher Codes, Wowcher, and even Hotukdeals. Even several newspapers now collect and publish their own lists of these discount codes to help you save money when trying to buy your shopping online.

How to Find Discount Codes in Portugal?

Now the funny thing is if you try to google ‘discount codes Portugal’ or ‘promotional codes Portugal’, you can’t find any of the local variations of these websites because they don’t really exist. You’ll need to look for specific Portuguese websites. Lucky for you, you won’t need to look that far, we’ve assembled the best ones here! First things, first, the word you’re looking for is codigo promocional that’s the Portuguese translation of promotional code. A top tip is to google that phrase with the name of the shop you’re planning on buying something from to find promotional codes for Portuguese websites.  

Discount Code Websites in Portugal

The biggest and our opinion best of these types of websites are listed below. We’ve handpicked and tested these ourselves with our own recent online shopping in Portugal. So we know they work!

RadarCupao are the first that make this list. They boast discount codes for over 400 different shops and some of the biggest shops like Radio Popular in Portugal are featured. It’s not just Portuguese brands or local shops either, you’ll also find big international brands like Nike and Women’secret.

Picodi are an alternative to RadarCupao, they list multiple promotional codes for lots of online shops in Portugal. They’re slightly smaller and don’t offer as many discounts as RadarCupao. For the shops they do, the discounts are reliable. You’ll again find local brands and bigger international ones too. They do also have a UK arm although it’s not nearly as popular or heard of as the biggest ones mentioned above.  

Bomdesconto is a user submitted alternative to the above options. They’re a website like Hotukdeals in the UK. When users find good deals and discount codes in Portugal they can share them with the website and other users. You don’t need to register, and all discount codes and promotions are publicly viewable. They boast over 200 featured stores and even have an app if you’d like to take your promotional codes mobile!

How to Use Promotional Code Websites in Portugal?

Unfortunately, the three above websites are not in English yet. You’ll need to use an in-browser translation app like Google Translate. Alternatively, with very basic Portuguese they’re pretty simple to navigate and use. Just type the shop you’re interested in purchasing something from in the search bar and click on the discount. You’ll be given a promotional code and a link to the website you’ve selected. Copy and paste that voucher code into the shopping basket of your chosen website! It’s that simple to save money when shopping online in Portugal!

One example of entering a promotional code for a Portuguese website

Are Promotional Codes in Portugal Only for Online Shopping?

No! All three of the websites listed above feature discount codes for a variety of online services and not just shopping. You’ll find promotional vouchers for everything from flights (TAP, Iberia), to meals (UberEats, The Fork), and even hotel stays and car rental (Airbnb, Before you buy or book anything from a major website or retailer you really should check if any promo codes are available with the websites above!  

Are there Price Comparison Websites in Portugal?

If you’re from the UK you might be familiar with PriceSpy, or Idealo. These websites allow you to compare prices from multiple online stores quickly. You enter an item you’re thinking of buying and they’ll bring up a list of all the online shops that sell them and their prices. If you know exactly what item you want, they’re very useful for quickly finding the cheapest place to buy that item. If you’re looking for a Portuguese version of one of these websites its KuantoKusta. It works in exactly the same way. Search for the item you’re looking for and it will bring up a list of all the Portuguese websites that sell that item. It’s great for finding the cheapest item and for finding alternative retailers!

With these tips and websites, you’ll be able to save money by finding discount codes for Portuguese retailers! Know of any alternatives? Let us know in the comments and we’ll keep our list updated with the best promotional code websites in Portugal!

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