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Welcome to We Travel Portugal. We aim to be the best blog dedicated to Portugal. The main motivation behind this blog is to show the beauty of Portugal, the food, the culture, the lifestyle, while also sharing insightful knowledge on its history and traditions. You’ll be able to find everything from quick reads to travel guides, and even our favourite recipes. We’re currently two expats discovering Portugal one day at a time, and we’d like to share our discoveries with you. We’re constantly explaining to people that there’s more to Portugal than beaches, resorts and golf courses and this blog is where we intend to show it. We want to show you the real Portugal. For a more in-depth cover of our motivation then take a look at our very first blog post linked here!

Who are we?  

Annie – From Brazil. Half biologist, half pâtissier, half singer, half writer, and clearly too undecided to be just one thing. Trying to bring together multiple passions in one: to share. Portuguese level: Expert.

Email: annie@wetravelportugal.com

Ollie – From England. A full time researcher at a local university in the Algarve, Portugal. Hopes to put as much effort into the research behind this blog as he does his day job! Portuguese level: Not quite expert.

Email: ollie@wetravelportugal.com

We welcome feedback and discussion on all of our posts and if you’ve got an idea, a suggestion or a location you’d like to see our take on then feel free to contact us or leave a comment.