Christmas in the Algarve: What’s the Algarve like at Christmas?

As we all know Christmas 2020 has been a little bit different for everyone! This time of year we’d usually be travelling to different towns, Christmas fairs, and getting into the festive spirit. Multiple weekends of travel restrictions and cancelled events have meant we had to adapt to a new much quieter Christmas. But it did give us a chance to explore our local city of Faro. So here’s a few photos of what Christmas has been like in our little corner of the Algarve!

Christmas in Faro

Christmas in Faro, Algarve
Faro’s streets were unusually quiet this year
Faro’s beautiful Christmas tree
A little bit of rain gave us a chance to be creative with the puddles!
And these sunsets!

Christmas in Olhão

Our favourite Christmas lights in Olhão have to be on the Caíque Bom Sucesso!

We’d love to include photos of other locations in the Algarve looking festive! Especially those places we couldn’t travel to this year. Do you have any pictures you’d like to share with us?

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